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Georgia Substation Upgrade

Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) is constructing a substation west of the existing site in Georgia, Vermont, to provide a redundant path and additional capacity to deliver power to the area.

The need for the Georgia Substation was identified in VELCO's 2009 Long-Range Transmission Plan. The Georgia substation interconnects VELCO's electric transmission network in northwest Vermont. Failure of key transmission components would cause low voltage violations, voltage instability/collapse, or thermal overloads, all of which could result in extended outages for any of the areas served by the transmission sytem.

Transmission utilities, such as VELCO, are required to design, operate and maintain a transmission network according to national and regional reliability standards. Independent System Operator's of New England (ISO-NE), who oversees high-voltage transmission within and out of New England, requires VELCO to use a redundant design to ensure system reliability. Other similar VELCO substation upgrades are underway due to similar system deficiencies.

VELCO has continued to assess the area's transmission need by conducting additional planning studies to select the best transmission solution. Alternative sites were evaluated and the proposed site was retained because of its lower environmental impact, as well as its favorable terrain conditions, which would lead to lower construction costs.

The proposed project will include the following components

  • 115 kV aluminum bus structure
  • six circuit breakers
  • control building
  • connections to VELCO's existing 115 kV transmission lines
  • existing capacitor bank

Part of the existing transmission lines as well as the existing Georgia substation will be decommissioned and the existing equipment retired as part of this project.

See our glossary of electrical terms for definitions of these components.

Project Impacts

VELCO's aesthetic consultant has reviewed the preliminary design plans and performed a visual analysis of the areas of the proposed Project. The findings indicated that any visual impacts created by the Project will be minimal and that the impacts will not be significantly adverse. The Project site is well set back from surrounding roads and existing vegetation will screen public views to the substation. The Project will be most visible from Dexter Road and Sand Hill Road, however, these views will be buffered by existing vegetation. A detailed report with proposed landscaping mitigation measures will be included with the Petition to be filed this spring.

VELCO will assess the potential noise impacts associated with the substation relocation and will design the facility to produce sound levels that are at or below Public Service Board acceptable thresholds.

Subject to Public Service Board approval, construction will begin in late winter of 2011 or early spring of 2012 with a targeted completion date of November 2012.


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Project Status: Under Construction