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Information Packet from the Vermont Public Service Board Bus Trip - May 22, 2008

OPEN HOUSE EVENT March 13th, 2008 - Summary Letter and Invitation

Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) and Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) are ultimately responsible for proposing solutions to the Vermont Public Service Board, but the companies are making an unprecedented effort to obtain public input on how to address issues along the Southern Loop (a 66-mile transmission line that runs from Bennington to Brattleboro) before making a filing with regulators.

Public Involvement Process

Leadership Problem Statement

"Southern Vermont electrical transmission facilities have limited ability to support increased electrical demand and are unable to withstand failures of, or to have preventive maintenance conducted on, key components at present demand levels. The reliability of the regional bulk transmission system that connects southern Vermont, southwestern New Hampshire and northwest Massachusetts is as risk at existing demand levels, with increasing reliability risk as regional electrical demand levels increase."

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VELCO/CVPS are conducting studies regarding the “A-B Line DSM/DG Option (7).

The linked information below illustrates how the decision to further investigate this option was reached.

  • September 2006 Open House Materials Options Table
  • 9/21 CWG Notes provide information regarding how option 9 (all DSM/DG) was eliminated as a viable option to solve the SL problem.