Grand Isle, VT – 11 September 2017: Vermont Electric Power Company wants to ensure neighbors are aware of the next phase of work associated with the PV20 Submarine Cable Replacement Project. Effective September 11, 2017, for approximately two months, Vermont Electric Power Company will perform the cable installation across Lake Champlain. Construction work is expected to go beyond standard construction hours as necessary, up to a 24-hour-per-day, seven-day-per-week schedule, including weekends and holidays, to complete the installation of four new power cables on the bottom of Lake Champlain.

Recreational users of Lake Champlain are asked to avoid the construction areas marked by buoys immediately north of the Grand Isle to Plattsburgh ferry route. Please keep a safe distance to ensure your safety and avoid hampering construction.
Laying submarine cable is a technical process that requires a specially-modified barge and underwater equipment to carry the cables and bury them in the lakebed. Additional boats will be used to ensure safety and to perform environmental monitoring during the cable installation. This work will begin at the Plattsburgh landing site and travel across the lake to the new terminal station in Grand Isle. Each cable will take two to three days to install, weather permitting. After the four cables have been placed in the lake, divers will be deployed to assist with burying the cables in certain areas.

The PV20 Cable Replacement Project will ensure continued reliability of the existing connection between the New York and Vermont electric grids. The replacement cables will connect to Vermont’s grid at a new terminal station to be located just northeast of the existing station in Grand Isle, Vermont. The existing seven submarine cables, the existing Grand Isle station, and its associated equipment and structures will be removed once the new facility and equipment is operational. The replacement cable and new terminal station are scheduled to be energized in December 2017. Removal of the existing cable and terminal station will occur in the summer 2018.

For more information visit or call 802-770-6381.