Grand Isle, VT – 21 July 2017: Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) wants to ensure neighbors are aware of a change in hours of operation for construction work associated with the PV20 Submarine Cable Replacement Project. Effective July 24, 2017, for approximately one month, Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) will be doing construction work on a 24-hour-per-day, seven-day-per-week schedule, including weekends and holidays, on its PV20 Submarine Cable Replacement Project. This represents a change from the previously announced schedule necessitated by a delay due to equipment failure.

Construction on the project within Vermont began in April to ensure continued reliability of the existing connection between the New York and Vermont electric grids, which has not been updated since 1970. The project includes drilling four holes from the landing station to a point in deep water for the installation of the new cables. A three-week interruption in drilling resulted in the shift to a 24/7 schedule to comply with permit requirements.

In addition to drilling and limited truck traffic, the night work will include the use of light towers to ensure visibility and safety. Light towers will be positioned to minimize disturbance to the neighboring properties and sound absorbing walls have been installed to reduce noise disturbance. VELCO recognizes that these mitigation efforts reduce the noise impacts, but do not eliminate them.The company has been communicating directly with affected property owners about the project schedule. VELCO contractor,  LS Cable America, is working as quickly as they can to return to standard construction hours.

The replacement cables will connect to Vermont’s grid at a new terminal station to be located just northeast of the existing station in Grand Isle, Vermont. The existing seven submarine cables, the existing Grand Isle station, and its associated equipment and structures will be removed once the new facility and equipment is operational. The replacement cable and new terminal station are scheduled to be energized in December 2017. Removal of the existing cable and terminal station will occur in the summer 2018.

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