Vermont Electric Power Company will help continue the second phase of the Rutland Creek Path project through its pledge of $10,000 to the Rutland Creative Economy and Rutland Regional Planning Commission, leaders of this project. The Rutland Creek Path will be a three-mile walking and biking path that will follow the East and Otter Creeks through the heart of Rutland City.

The first of four phases was completed in November 2012 with the opening of segment one between Giorgetti Park and State Street. Community support enabled the second phase of the project to continue past State Street and follow the East Creek to the intersection of West Street in Rutland.

“The Rutland Creek Path project has been a grassroots effort from the beginning,” said Susan Schreibman, Assistant Director at the Rutland Regional Planning Commission. Schreibman added, “This explains the huge outpouring of support in donations of time, money and effort that have gone into pushing the concept into reality. Throughout the entire process, the idea has been met with enthusiastic approval and more important, action among the citizens. It truly has been a model of the community working together.”

VELCO employees and their families volunteered to clear brush and pick up garbage on the overgrown second segment earlier this year to make way for the construction kick-off in the fall of 2013. “This is a great way for us to give back to the community,” said Shana Duval, a VELCO spokesperson. “VELCO has collaborated with Pine Hill Park, fixing trails and planting flowers since 2006, so the Rutland Creek Path seemed like a natural extension to our work with the trail system.”

The second segment of the Creek Path is scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2014. For more information about the project, visit the Rutland Regional Planning Commission’s website and check their newsletter updates.

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