Shown below: Vermont Weather Analytics Center's current 72-hour forecast for temperature and storm intensity at 10-minute intervals, 1 km resolution. Forecasted temperatures (in degrees Fahrenheit) shown as black numbers. Storm intensity show by contoured/colored values, similar to what a traditional weather radar shows in real time. 

VWAC reflectivity values

Notes on the forecast animation

Storm intensity is measured in units of dbZ, representing reflectivity. The table (right) correlates reflectivity with estimated precipitation.

The animation is updated every 12 hours, typically around 6 AM/PM.

The animation can be downloaded from your browser by right-clicking anywhere on the video and choosing "save video as…" You can then choose where to save the video on your computer. You can also adjust the speed of the animation by right-clicking and choosing "play speed" (Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers only).

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