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Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) was formed in 1956 when local utilities joined together to create the nation's first statewide, "transmission only" company in order to share access to clean hydro power and maintain the state’s transmission grid.  VELCO currently manages a system that includes:

  • 738 miles of transmission lines
  • 13,000 acres of rights-of-way
  • 55 substations, switching stations and terminal facilities
  • Equipment that enables interconnected operations with Hydro-Quebec
  • More than 1100 miles of fiber optic cable and associated communication networks that monitor and control the electric system.

With the completion of recent major transmission projects to ensure Vermont's electric reliability, VELCO is the country’s fastest growing transmission company.  The company’s associates work hard every day to give Vermont’s utilities and their ratepayers a strong unified voice on regional energy issues and to ensure continued access to reliable, climate friendly power technology.  VELCO is committed to utilizing energy efficiency, power generation and system infrastructure to serve as Vermont’s transmission reliability resource.