VELCO transmission planners continually evaluate the performance of the electric transmission network by comprehensively analyzing how various factors, such as Vermont and regional demand, proposed new generation and growth, will affect system reliability and operation. The planning process is continuous and guided by both our state and regional requirements with careful coordination with our stakeholders.

VELCO collaborates with the ISO-New England in its responsibility to plan the transmission system for New England, as reflected in ISO-NE’s annual report on transmission system needs, the Regional System Plan (RSP). Both VELCO and ISO-New England must plan and design the transmission system to meet regional and national standards. The national transmission planning standards are mandatory and are maintained by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The regional design criteria and procedures are maintained by the Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) and ISO-NE.

Vermont Planning Process

At the state level, VELCO must publish a Long-Range Transmission Plan that looks out 20 years and is updated every three years. That Plan analyzes the transmission system, identifies where the system does not meet design and reliability criteria and describes the transmission alternatives to resolve the concerns. The Plan serves as a foundation for a collaborative process involving all Vermont utilities and other stakeholders through the Vermont System Planning Committee. The purpose of this collaborative process is to ensure full, fair and timely consideration of alternatives to building transmission where alternatives can meet the identified reliability needs. In addition, the process incorporates public participation and outreach at each step of the planning cycle. Below is a graphic that illustrates the Vermont Planning Cycle. 


Velco team in the office
Vermont System Planning Committee

The VSPC is a collaborative process established to address electric grid reliability planning. Its purpose is to ensure the full, fair, and timely consideration of all options to solve grid reliability issues. 

Solar farm panarama
2021 Vermont Long-Range Transmission Plan

Every three years, VELCO updates its Vermont Long-Range Transmission Plan. The current plan contains the most current forecast of electric load and extensive discussion of major trends influencing Vermont’s grid, and identifies projected needs for infrastructure projects on the transmission and subtransmission systems. 

Powerlines with vegetation and blue sky
Vermont Load Graph

Review Vermont’s load today on VELCO’s load graph that provides daily comparison of forecast load to actual data, updated every 15 minutes. 

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