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 At VELCO, Belonging means feeling valued through positive connections with others, and comfort in bringing one’s authentic self to work. A Belonging culture is one in which individuality is both noticed and valued. Where there is workplace support, understanding and trust. Where employees are encouraged to value what each person can bring to the table. There is evidence of caring for one another, advocating for everyone’s voice to be heard, and investing in colleagues’ growth and development. Where the Company incorporates employee input into organizational decisions and individuals believe they have a meaningful role.

 True Belonging allows us to do our best possible work. It deepens the connections among and between all of us at VELCO – whether long-tenured or just arrived, whether based in the field, the office or virtually—it attracts those yet to join.

All insights, experiences, and backgrounds are needed to create a sustainable Vermont for a brighter energy future. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strengthen VELCO. We welcome all to come learn, work, and grow with us.  

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A state of being where people feel respected and comfortable being themselves, free to share their thoughts and opinions and where they feel truly cared about and accepted is a foundational element for living our Mission, Vision, and Values. 

VELCO DEI Framework

Belonging Framework

We have chosen the Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks to help guide, but not rigidly prescribe, our Belonging strategy and measure our progress.

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VELCO Action Team

Employee Action Teams

VELCO cultivates a collaborative company culture through a network of employee-drive action teams. These teams are empowered to contribute ideas, solve problems, and influence positive change throughout the company. The teams boost employee engagement and foster a sense of shared responsibility leading to a more inclusive and innovative workplace. All employees are invited to join teams aligned with their interests.

Team Building Lunch

Relationships in the Workplace

VELCO's best asset is our people. Acknowledging the substantial time spent together in the workplace, VELCO underscores the importance of nurturing healthy and enjoyable relationships among colleague. The company seeks to strengthen team connections in many ways, including through VELCO's Employee Engagement Team that leads monthly events to build team cohesion. VELCO teams are also encouraged to coordinate team building activities to enhance camaraderie. 

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