VELCO manages the safe, reliable, cost-effective transmission of electric power throughout Vermont and as a part of the integrated New England regional network. This requires us to maintain our existing system including our facilities and more than 13,000 acres of rights-of-way; to plan for the future needs of Vermont and New England electric customers; and to construct upgrades when needed for system reliability or growth. In addition, we constantly seek ways that innovative solutions and technology can make us more affordable, effective, and more efficient at being a trusted partner in grid solutions.


  1. VELCO - Est. 1956

    VELCO was formed in 1956 when Vermont's local utilities joined together to establish the nation's first statewide, "transmission only" company in order to create and maintain an interconnected electric transmission system capable of sharing access to clean hydropower. 

  2. Rutland Headquarters built

    Headquartered in Rutland, Vermont, VELCO employees strive to give Vermont's utilities and their customers a reliable high-voltage grid, a strong unified voice on regional energy issues, and continued access to safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity. 

  3. VETCO formed

    Vermont Electric Transmission Company (VETCO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of VELCO that was organized for the purpose of constructing and operating the Vermont portion of the Phase I Quebec-New England HVDC Interconnection, a high-voltage direct current transmission line transmitting power from Canada to Vermont and other New England states. The creation and ownership of VETCO was authorized by the Vermont Public Utility Commission in 1982. 

  4. Fiber optic cable installed for control and communication
  5. ISO-New England created

    ISO-New England was created to oversee the reliable operation of the electricity grid and ensure fair market practices in the New England region. Established in 1997, it functions as an independent system operator, managing the transmission of electricity and fostering a competitive marketplace for electricity generation and distribution.

  6. Northeast blackout

    The 2003 Northeast blackout was a widespread power outage that affected parts of the northeastern United States and Canada on August 14, 2003. The blackout, one of the largest in history, left approximately 50 million people without electricity for several hours. It was triggered by a series of cascading failures in the electricity grid, highlighting vulnerabilities in the system and prompting efforts to improve its reliability and resilience.

  7. ISO-New England given system planning authority by FERC

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted planning authority to ISO-New England to oversee the regional transmission planning process. This delegation of responsibilities empowers ISO-New England to develop and implement comprehensive plans for the expansion and enhancement of the electricity transmission system in the New England region, ensuring its reliability and efficiency.

  8. Vermont Transco LLC formed

    In 2006, VELCO and Vermont's electric distribution companies formed Vermont Transco LLC, a limited liability corporation. Vermont Transco owns Vermont's high voltage electric transmission system (115 kV and above) and provides service under applicable tariffs to: 1) Vermont's 17 electric distribution utilities, 2) two small distribution utility loads in New Hampshire, and 3) Loads throughout New England through ISO-New England. 

    VELCO manages the Vermont Transco LLC system, and in that capacity, operates and maintains Vermont's electric transmission system, as it has for more than 60 years. 

  9. First Vermont Long-Range Transmission Plan published by VELCO
  10. Vermont System Planning Committee established

    The Vermont System Planning Committee is a collaborative process, established in 2007, for addressing electric grid reliability planning. Its purpose is to ensure all options to solve grid reliability issues get full, fair and timely consideration, and the most cost effective solution gets chosen. 

  11. Northern Reliability Project complete
  12. First commercial wind to directly connect to transmission system
  13. Southern Loop Project compete
  14. First transmission line deferral
  15. VELCO and IBM announce creation of Utopus Insights
  16. Pinnacle Data Center commissioned
  17. VELCO adopts hybrid work environment
VELCO Projects
Franklin County power lines landscape

Franklin County Line Upgrade

The Franklin County Line Upgrade is a VELCO proposed project to rebuild the power line from VELCO's Georgia Substation.
Highgate substation construction

Highgate Substation

This upgrade is needed because a recent conditions assessment revealed deficiencies within the substation.
Florence Preview Image

Florence Substation

VELCO proposes to construct a replacement substation to the north and adjacent to the existing substation.

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This VELCO system map was created in 2016 and is current as of April 2018.

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