Project Highlights

The original VELCO Florence Substation was built in 1978, with various modifications and improvements occurring over the subsequent 43 years of service. VELCO conducted a conditions assessment of the substation and identified the need to replace some of the equipment due to condition. Deficiencies were identified in equipment such as the protection and controls system, 115 kV breakers, 46 kV breakers, switches, capacitor bank and control building. 

VELCO proposes to construct a new substation to the north and adjacent to the existing substation. After VELCO has successfully commissioned the new substation and placed it into service, VELCO will retire and remove the existing substation. 

The following upgrades to the VELCO Florence Substation will improve reliability of electric facilities serving portions of Vermont. 

  • Construct a new 115/46 kV ring bus substation with all new components adjacent to the existing substation, including installing: 
    • a new 115/46 kV, 33.6/44.8/56 MVA transformer. 
    • Four (4) 46 kV vacuum circuit breakers 
    • One (1) 115 kV, SF6 circuit breaker 
    • Ten (10) MVar capacitor bank and associated reactor and SF6 Breaker 
    • A protection and control system that provides diversity, redundancy, and communication aided schemes 
    • A control building that is able to accommodate the new protection and controls system, redundant AC and DC station services, communication equipment, and security systems. 
    • One (1) 115 kV, and four (4) 46 kV instrument voltage transformers in support of the new protection and controls system. 
    • Passive secondary oil containment system for the new 115/46 kV transformer. 
    • A new fence to accommodate the new substation. The substation fence will enclose a 39,500 square foot area to the north of the existing substation fence. For comparison, the existing substation fence encloses an area of 24,900 square feet. In addition, VELCO will install a fence at the top of the hillside for safety purposes. 
    • Two (2), three pole structures to connect the existing 115 kV transmission line to the new substation.
  • Perform tree clearing to accommodate new substation and pole structures 
  • Remove existing substation, including all above and below grade components and restore the area to fit in with the surrounding property


  1. Public Outreach

    VELCO project team hosted a public meeting and met with the Town Selectboard to answer questions about the project and listen to community concerns.

  2. Application for Regulatory Approval

    VELCO expects to submit an application for regulatory approval.

  3. Construction

    VELCO anticipates construction to begin May 2022.

  4. Completion

    VELCO anticipates the upgraded substation to be commissioned by December 2022.

Project Features
Asset Maintenance
Asset Maintenance

Upgrades to existing electric transmission infrastructure.


Transmission additions or upgrades, necessary to ensure the system’s continued reliability. 

Resources & Documents
Advance Notice

The 45-Day Notice package is a detailed project description sent 45 days before filing with the Public Utility Commission to local select boards and other officials to enable community leaders to review and discuss the project’s impacts with residents, and to provide input before the start of formal proceedings before the Commission. The 45-day notice is a requirement of Vermont law and Public Utility Commission rules. 

Download the Florence Substation Project 45-day notice package. 

Permitting Documents

VELCO filed a petition for Certificate of Public Good (CPG) and supporting documents, seeking approval of the Florence Substation Project on September 3, 2021. This library contains all of the public documents filed with the Public Utility Commission as part of VELCO’s petition for a CPG for the Florence Substation Project. Materials that contain Critical Energy Infrastructure Information are listed but are not available for download. For more information about CEII please contact us

Public Utility Commission Orders

Florence Substation Project: