Project Highlights 

Vermont Electric Power Company proposes to upgrade the Tafts Corner Substation to resolve an operational deficiency that would occur during VELCO's routine maintenance and emergency situations. Specifically, the substation currently has an existing transformer that feeds eight local distribution circuits that are radially served. In the event of a transformer failure, VELCO would need to install either a mobile transformer or a spare transformer, and restoration times are estimated to take approximately 24 hours. The proposed upgrade option would: 

  • reduce risks by eliminating rework of 115 kV circuits; 
  • support more simplified maintenance; and, 
  • improve system reliability and load restoration times for emergencies and maintenance. 

The Project consists of the following primary components: 

  • Install a new 115 kV SF6 circuit breaker on existing breaker foundations, make connections to existing 115 kV ring bus, and use existing conduits for control cables. 
  • Install a new T3 115 kV voltage transformer with a single foundation and steel mounting stand with associated conduits and cables. 
  • Install protection relays and controls in existing relay/control panels for the 115/13.2 kV T3 transformer and 115 kV K23-40 breaker position, including all required wriring and installation of hardware, fiber optics, and materials.


  1. Application for Regulatory Approval

    VELCO expects to submit an application for regulatory approval.

  2. Construction

    Subject to PUC approval, VELCO anticipates construction to begin in summer 2024.

  3. Anticipated Completion

    VELCO anticipates the upgrades to be commissioned by Fall 2024.

Project Features
Asset Maintenance
Asset Maintenance

Upgrades to existing electric transmission infrastructure.


Transmission additions or upgrades, necessary to ensure the system’s continued reliability. 

Resources & Documents
Advance Notice

As permitted under Section 248(f), VELCO obtained waivers of the need to submit 45-day advance notices to the municipal and regional planning commisison from these entities. VELCO also recieved a waiver from the municipal selectboard as permitted under Commission Rule 5.402.