The VELCO Newport Substation, a critical link in the region's power grid, requires the replacement of its aging T1 transformer. This 116/43.8 kV transformer, built in 1958, has reached the end of its usable life and poses a risk of failure, which could lead to power outages. The primary objective of this project is to mitigate the risk of equipment failure and potential service disruptions by replacing the existing transformer with a newer, readily available spare that is already stored onsite.


VELCO will replace the existing transformer with a 115/46 kV transformer built in 1971 by General Electric. This transformer is currently stored at the Newport Substation and is readily available for installation. The Project does not require tree clearing or blasting. The existing oil containment system is consistent with VELCO’s current standard and has adequate capacity to support the replacement transformer. There are no site modifications expected to execute this scope of work.


While the Project is constructed, VELCO will take advantage of the opportunity to perform regular condition-based maintenance and in-kind replacements at the Substation.  


  1. Construction

    Subject to regulatory approval, VELCO anticipates construction to begin in Spring 2025.

  2. Application for Regulatory Approval

    VELCO expects to submit an application for regulatory approval on August 27, 2024. 

  3. Community Outreach

    The VELCO project team met with the Newport City Council on July 24, 2023, and the Newport City Planning Commission on August 1, 2023, to provide a project overview, answer questions about the project and listen to community concerns before filing a formal application with the Public Utility Commission.

  4. Anticipated Completion

    VELCO anticipates the transformer replacement to be commissioned by Fall 2025.