VELCO's Windsor Substation, operational since 1978, requires essential upgrades for enhanced reliability. A recent conditions assessment revealed deficiencies in the control building, transformer oil containment system, protection and control relays, and the substation fence. To address these issues, the project consists of the following components: 

  • Replacement and relocation of the existing control building with a larger control building that can accommodate a new protection and control system, redundant AC & DC station services, communication equipment, security systems, and new bathroom facilities.
  • Replacement of the existing perimeter fence and expanding the north and east substation yard areas to accommodate the new control building and large vehicle access to the power transformer.
  • Replacement of the existing 115 kV circuit switcher with an SF6 circuit breaker.
  • Reconstruction and widening of the driveway to 20 feet with a turn around. Relocation of approximately 620 feet of driveway and entryway onto Hunt road.
  • Improving site drainage. 
  • Limited tree clearing to accommodate the relocation of the driveway, new building location and fence expansion.  
  • Other in-kind maintenance work. 

In addition, VELCO will need to install a temporary feed to Green Mountain Power's 46 kV system, which will be removed, and any disturbance restored at the end of the Project. The Project will also require VELCO to drill a well and install a wastewater system because there are no municipal water supply or wastewater connections available at the site. 


  1. Public Outreach

    The VELCO project team will conduct public outreach including a Public Meeting and a presentation to the Windsor Select Board on February 8 2024. The team will answer questions about the project and listen to community concerns before filing a formal application with the Public Utility Commission. More information available here

  2. Application for Regulatory Approval

    VELCO expects to submit an application for regulatory approval on February 26, 2024. 

  3. Construction

    Subject to regulatory approval, VELCO anticipates construction to begin in Spring 2025. 

  4. Anticipated Completion

    VELCO anticipates the upgraded substation to be commissioned by Spring 2026. 

Resources & Documents
Advance Notice

The 45-Day Notice package is a detailed project description sent 45 days before filing with the Public Utility Commission to local select boards and other officials to enable community leaders to review and discuss the project's impacts with residents, and to provide input before the start of formal proceedings before the Commission. The 45-day notice is a requirement of Vermont law and Public Utility Commission rules. 

Download the Windsor Substation Project 45-day notice package.